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Lessons from the arena.

  1. The spirit in which you ride is a lot more important than what you accomplish. The horse will forgive mistakes when your heart is in the right place.

2. Balance is key - just as the shoulder-in needs haunches-in, you must be able to find more forward as you search for more collection. Sometimes the answer to the balance or missing piece lies in one, other times on the other end of the spectrum.

3. If you are relaxed and present, you can sort your way out of most problems.

4. Work-in-Hand holds the answers to what you need with your ride to help your horse be comfortable.

5. Great things come from small beginnings. Don't be greedy too soon.

6. Don't forget to look for the lightness every day.

7. The pursuit of perfection is necessary for excellence ...but detrimental if you let it get in the way of your joy.

8. An inch can make all the difference. Roundness, placer, bend; just a touch more or less positioning will give you a completely different feel.

9. Try to do your work off the walls. It will show you a lot about your balance.

10. It rarely looks as terrible as it feels, and we are our own worst critics.

A step towards what will one day become the piaffer -- Novio, 9yo PRE gelding.

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