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KNH Dressage is the perfect place to take your equestrian journey to the next level. Whether you are looking for in-depth transformation, a few tweaks, or want to find your next horse, you will find something to meet your needs.

I offer a free consultation call to any prospective student so that we may determine whether this is the right fit

Send me a message and let's get going! 

Kat Howard is an outstanding  trainer for both horses and their riders.  She has helped me greatly in becoming more aware of myself, as a rider,  providing me with a better understanding of the fundamentals and more advanced elements of classical dressage, while demonstrating how balance and lightness can promote a healthy and harmonious relationship with my PRE mare. Kat's teaching not only  improved my riding technique, but she also helped give me a confidence that I had been lacking.  Her enthusiasm and positive outlook are sincere and contagious. Kat's teaching gave me a renewed belief in my ability to refine current skills and develop new ones - always in close communication and partnership with my horse.  Kat took considerable time to understand my personality, needs and objectives, but she also spent a great deal of time with my mare, both on the ground and riding.  She used her experience and insights to provide tailored, individualized guidance in her teaching which immediately helped establish a more positive team relationship as well as a stronger level of trust and closer emotional bond. My horse and I looked forward to every training session!  Our time spent with Kat has had a tremendous impact on our riding from a skill and technical perspective, but she has also fostered a joy and fulfillment that my horse and I share appreciation and love of The Dance.  I strongly encourage anyone who has an opportunity to train with Kat, to do so.  It will be a wonderful and lasting growth experience for you and your horse.
Kathy Reynolds
Westminster, CO

Alexa Young, CA


For the Rider...

My goal is to help my students develop an appreciation and understanding of the horse and the art of dressage. I strive to inspire confidence, create an enjoyable and educational setting and provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to excel. I am passionate about helping my students reach your goals, no matter where your are in your riding journey.

Lessons are 1 hour, and include lunging, work in hand, and riding (to the trainer's discretion).


Lesson packages are available! Inquire for pricing 


For the Horse...

My goal is to educate the horse, making them safe to work with, happy, relaxed and willing partners. With the right training, horse and rider can both reach their full potential. I believe in a ground-up approach that does not compartmentalize the horse-rider relationship when you leave the arena. My goal is to give you back a horse who is SAFE, COMFORTABLE, and EDUCATED.

Full and partial training packages - minimum of 3 months required

Training packages may include add-ons such as grooming sessions, assisting in farrier, vet, and dental appointments if so desired. 


Sale Horses

****Coming soon!***

If you are looking for your next horse and need guidance, get in touch! 

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